Wedding loan – Plan your future wedding


If you are planning a wedding, you have to expect that it will quickly make money. Much is not considered, because the food that is delivered and the decoration always cost money. There are also wedding attire for the bride and groom. These are not cheap and often there is not enough money to buy everything from your own finances. Therefore, many newlyweds are considering taking out a loan for the wedding. There are a few things to consider?

What are the first steps?

If a loan is to be taken out for a wedding, the first thing to consider is what to buy. So prices for the food for the wedding dress, the suit for the groom and the table decoration must be available. The couple can get a quote from the shops. This makes it easier to calculate the costs. Only then can a loan amount be determined. If you plan too little, you will not be able to pay everything and a second loan cannot be taken out easily. The guest list must be in order to see how many will come to the wedding.

This way you can find out how many guests the meal has to be planned for. Quotations can also be obtained here. Next is a budget. All expenses of everyday life and the income must be counted against. This is how the couple learns how much money is left in the end. This sum then forms the loan installment that has to be repaid.

What are the requirements for the couple?

What are the requirements for the couple?

It is always important that there is at least one income that is high enough to cover all the costs of the wedding loan. It is not enough that the fixed costs can be paid, but the loan amount cannot. For example, both can sign the loan agreement and secure the loan with two incomes. In addition, the Credit Bureau that works with the banks must be checked.

The couple’s creditworthiness is determined, which is crucial for lending. If you take out the loan from your own bank, you do not have to provide bank statements, this only happens at a third-party bank. As soon as the documents have been checked, the bank decides whether to grant a loan or not.